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Mon-Fri: 7am-6pm

Sat: 8am-noon

Elderly pets face unique health challenges and require special care and treatment.

Thanks to advances in veterinary care and improvements in diet, pets are living longer, better lives. But with these longer lifespans come challenges similar to those faced by elderly people. Aching joints and muscle weakness. Heart and hearing problems. Kidney and urinary tract issues. Diabetes and cancer. Tooth and gum problems. Senility and dementia.

Just as older people check in more often with their family physician, we recommend that older pets see us more frequently. Richmond Road Veterinary Clinic likes to see its pet clients twice a year when they are age 8 and older.

During your older pet’s checkup, we will recommend doing blood tests, the simplest way to detect and monitor many health problems.

During the physical evaluation, we will check your pet’s eyes, ears, heart and lungs, teeth and weight. You will be an important part of the exam as you fill us in on any changes or problems you have noticed in your pet.

As pets age, medication, food and other needs change

We will also want to consult with you about changes that need to be made as your pet ages. We might adjust dosages of medications as your pet’s metabolism changes. Vaccination schedules might need to be altered. Parasite prevention will become even more important, because as your pet ages, their immune system becomes weaker and they can’t fight off diseases spread by parasites as effectively. We might suggest a different type of food, as older pets need foods that are more easily digested and that contain different vitamins and nutrients. We will check your pet’s mobility and make suggestions on how to keep your pet active. We might recommend changes at home to make your pet more comfortable--moving a bed downstairs so your pet can avoid the stairs, shorter walks or spending more time indoors.

Our pledge to you, and to your pet, is to make your years together as happy and healthy as possible.

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