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Make sure your pet's nutritional needs are being met in each different stage of life.

Proper nutrition is paramount to your pet’s good health. The many brands of food on store shelves make it difficult to determine what your pet should be eating, which is why our veterinarians will consult with you about your pet’s nutritional needs each time you visit our clinic. Our veterinarians stay abreast of developments in nutrition by reading veterinary journals and research and attending conferences.

Our vets will talk not only about which feeds are optimal for your pet, but also how much food your pet should be fed. Pets need different types and portions of food at different stages of life.

Nutritional needs change throughout a pet’s life

Kittens and puppies require different nutrients than elderly cats and dogs, for example. A pet’s activity level must also be taken into consideration. A working dog, like a Border collie on a farm, will need a different diet than a toy poodle who lives indoors. Pet foods are also formulated for animals that have health problems, like cancer, kidney and heart disease or even allergies. The right food means stronger bones, better muscles, healthier, shinier fur, fewer skin problems and better digestion.

Nutrition greatly affects your pet's life

One of the most common health issues we see in pets--obesity--is directly tied to nutrition, as owners overfeed or feed pets a poor quality of food. As in people, overweight pets face a multitude of health problems --diabetes, joint and mobility problems, heart issues and strokes.

We offer lines of prescription-only pet foods that are formulated to meet the specific needs of your loved one.

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