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Regular wellness checks for your pet are critical to preventing serious illness.

Routine exams for your pet are the best way to prevent many health problems and detect serious or chronic health issues in early stages when treatment can be most effective. We compare these wellness checks to annual physicals for people.

How often does my pet need a wellness check?

As in humans, the frequency of wellness exams changes with age. Like people, pets need to visit their veterinarian more when they are babies and when they are elderly. If you have a kitten or puppy, we will examine them several times in their first year of life as we give them core vaccinations, deworming medications and spay or neuter them. Because your pet is young and growing, we’ll talk about their nutritional needs, behavioral training and an exercise regiment.

From two until eight years of age, we recommend an annual wellness exam. As your pet becomes a senior (eight or older) we like to examine them twice a year so that we can catch any age-related health problems, like joint pain or urinary tract issues, or other serious health problems as early as possible. Early diagnoses generally lead to better health outcomes for your pet.

What can I expect at my animal's wellness exam?

You are a big part of your animal's wellness exam. Our veterinarians will ask about your pet's diet and exercise, their behavior, and their bathroom habits. They will listen to your pet's heart and lungs, examine eyes and ears, check their teeth and gums, palpate (feel) their abdomen, legs, neck and head and check its fur and skin for fleas or ticks. We will also obtain a fecal sample (if not brought in by owner) and administer needed vaccinations. Depending on what they observe, our veterinarians may make recommendations about additional tests, needed medications, changes in diet and exercise, treatment for dental issues and skin and fur problems.

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