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Our radiology services help us to diagnose your pet without invasive procedures.

One of our main goals at Richmond Road Veterinary Clinic is to diagnose your pet by using noninvasive tests. Our on-site digital radiology equipment allows us to do diagnostic x-rays quickly, accurately and easily. 

Digital x-rays are higher quality images

Digital x-rays require less radiation exposure and produce a much higher quality image almost instantly. Because these images are computer based, they can be viewed on computer screens. That allows veterinarians to zoom in and enlarge areas when they want to take closer looks at certain aspects of the image.

Having images on a computer also allows us to easily email them to a specialist when we have questions and need another professional with appropriate expertise to review the images. Because we can send the images to other veterinarians so quickly, we can share test results with you within hours, where it once took days. All digital images are stored electronically, which makes it easy to protect them from loss or damage. When we need to compare new x-rays of your pet with older images, the old x-rays are easy to access.

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