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Effective pain management enhances the quality of life for all types of animals.

Pain management is a cornerstone of our practice. By effectively managing pain of all types for pets, we enhance quality of life, improve recovery rates and times, and reduce disease and death. Our clinic follows recommendations of both the American Association of Feline Practitioners and the American Animal Hospital Association.

Our in-house pharmacy offers a variety of medications we regularly prescribe, and our veterinary staff study the effectiveness of nonsteroidal and steroidal drugs, always keeping abreast of research and reports on promising new medications.

But treating pain goes far beyond prescribing medications. We also turn to alternative treatments that have proved to be effective, depending on the cause of pain. For problems like joint pain, arthritis or hip dysplasia, all common in older pets, we might recommend prescription food if a pet’s weight is a contributing issue. Heat and cold therapy, physical therapy and exercise can also help relieve certain pain issues.

You are a key resource as we treat your pet’s pain

Because pets cannot tell us about their aches and pains, we will rely on you to describe your pet’s behaviors and any changes you notice that might indicate the presence of pain and help us determine the root of the problem.

When your pet requires surgery, we carefully map out a pain management plan to implement during and after the procedure so that your pet can recover as quickly and as comfortably as possible. Throughout care, we always have your pet’s comfort in mind, and in everything from examinations to boarding, we handle your pet with gentleness and care.

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