Growing up with a mother who was afraid of animals might not seem to bode well for young Kevin Smith’s dream of becoming a veterinarian. “The only thing I ever wanted as a child was a dog. She just couldn’t do it,” says Dr. Smith of his mother’s fear of animals. “So, I snuck in snakes, turtles, fish and even an Iguana.”

“For as long as I can remember, I have had a fascination with animals. In high school, my passion for medicine was ignited. The functions and anatomy of the body intrigued me, thus inspiring me to pursue a career in veterinary medicine. I was fortunate enough to find the perfect combination of my two passions.”

Dr. Smith’s veterinary career began at 15 when he went to work as a veterinary assistant in his hometown of Louisville. After graduation from the University of Kentucky with a degree in biology, he received his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from Auburn. But Lexington called him back. “Having attended the University of Kentucky and living in Lexington while earning my undergraduate degree, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to return to the place I considered home.”

At Richmond Road Veterinary Clinic, Dr. Smith went to work for Dr. Kirk Snyder, a man who would profoundly influence him. “He was the previous owner of Richmond Road Veterinary Clinic. He was an absolutely brilliant veterinarian. I’ve learned how to be a veterinarian, a businessperson, and a professional from him.”

And if Dr. Snyder’s mentoring were not enough to validate Dr. Smith’s decision to begin his professional career at RRVC, meeting his wife Marci was. “Marci and I met at the clinic. She was my last appointment of the day. Her dog had bad allergies and a skin infection. We have been together ever since.”

Today, their family includes daughters Harper, 6, and Makenna, 3, and two Golden Doodles, Bo and Luke. “Getting the opportunity to pursue my passion here has become nothing short of a dream come true. Richmond Road Veterinary Clinic not only gave me an amazing career, but also gave me my wonderful wife Marci and my two beautiful daughters. Each day is an adventure for me.”

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