Adoption is Our 'Love Language'

At Richmond Road Veterinary Clinic & Tates Creek Animal Hospital, we dedicate ourselves to supporting the safe adoption of dogs and cats of all ages into loving homes. Pet overpopulation is a significant challenge, and part of our mission is to raise awareness of the many Central Kentucky pets who need homes and support those who Opt to Adopt.

We partner with the Lexington Humane Society as their Preferred Adoption Partner. Ryan Lemond with Kentucky Sports Radio is also a fellow dog lover and has agreed to help us spread the word about adoption and pet care.

Learn more about those programs and get a glimpse of the pets who have found loving homes.

Complimentary Wellness Visits!

As part of our commitment, we offer complimentary wellness visits to all pet parents adopting a new cat or dog through the Lexington Humane Society. Our team will give you a thorough overview of your pet’s health and tips for keeping him or her happy and healthy for years to come. The vast majority of all pet-related illnesses we see are preventable, and we’re here to help!

Call us today at 859-263-5037 to schedule your pet’s first visit.