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Our Doctors

At Richmond Road Veterinary Clinic, you’ll benefit from the wisdom, energy, experience, and heart of five licensed veterinarians and a staff of well-trained technicians, assistants, and receptionists. Our veterinarians are well-qualified to care for your pets, providing annual wellness examinations, nutritional counseling, care for illness or injury, treatment for a chronic health issue, emergency care, and surgical procedures.

Dr. Kevin Smith profile

Dr. Kevin Smith

Growing up with a mother who was afraid of animals might not seem.

Dr. Amanda Holaday profile

Dr. Amanda Holaday

Dr. Holaday has spent most of her life preparing for her dream job.

Dr. Keri Wynn profile

Dr. Keri Wynn

Perhaps no one is prouder and more pleased that Dr. Keri Wynn.

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Dr. Heather Hancock

Dr. Heather Hancock is a Lexington native and University.

Dr. Amanda Finch

University of Kentucky football and basketball fans may well recognize.

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We're Open 7 Days A Week.

We are open to serve Lexington and Central Kentucky dog and cat owners 7 days a week because your pet’s illness doesn’t know a day of the week. We also recognize that fitting pet medical appointments into a work schedule can be challenging. Plus, we firmly believe that in an urgent care situation, the best veterinarian to care for your dog or cat is the primary vet who is familiar with you, your pet, and their specific medical condition/background.

At Richmond Road Veterinary Clinic, we remain committed to continually improving our practice to ensure we are your first choice for the best care for your furry loved ones.

Our Services

A full-service clinic with exceptional care

For nearly 40 years, Richmond Road Veterinary Clinic has been caring for the needs of companion pets in the Lexington, Kentucky area. Our veterinarians, Dr. Kevin Smith, Dr. Amanda Holaday, Dr. Keri Wynn, Dr. Heather Hancock, and Dr. Amanda Finch are all Kentucky natives.

Pet Health & Wellness

Animal Wellness, Nutritional Services, Dental Care, Internal Medicine

Specialty Pet Care

ECG/EKG, Illness Care, Radiology, Senior Care, Ultrasound

Critical Pet Care

Emergency, Euthanasia Services, Pain Management, Surgery


Ensure your pet stays safe and healthy while you’re away.


Certified, professional grooming services for dogs and cats.


Our in-house, full-service pharmacy provides our clients many benefits.

Pawsitively Newsworthy

At Richmond Road Veterinary Clinic, we want to be your one-stop-shop for helpful pet care tips. Check back regularly for a timely article that
can help improve the quality of your pet’s life!

January 18, 2022
Unhealthy people foods for pets.

6 People Foods That Are Unsuitable for Pets

Your pet’s sheepish grin and pleading blue eyes can get you to do pretty much anything – including chucking them a few bites of your own […]
September 1, 2021
Happy Cat Month

September is Happy Cat Month!

Cats have served as valuable companions to human lives for a very long time. Even today, these glorious creatures continue to be a source of immense […]
November 10, 2020
Recently adopted senior dog being pet by his foster parent

Adopting and Caring for a Senior Pet

Offering a forever home to a senior pet can be an intensely rewarding and fulfilling experience, both for you and the pet you adopt. As Adopt a Senior Pet Month, November reminds us of the many senior dogs and cats awaiting a forever home.[…]

“If you’re looking for a new veterinary practice to care for your beloved dog or cat, look no further. Or, if you’ve been a client for years, we’re here to help! Our website is updated regularly with useful information for pet owners, health care reminders, helpful links to online food and medicine providers, forms to complete prior to your visit, testimonials and special offers.

Plus, we’re now proud members of the Kentucky Veterinary Practice Group, along with Tates Creek Animal Hospital, which allows us to pool our knowledge of and resources for pet care to ensure the best in class service for your loved one.

Take a look around, and contact us today if we can answer any further questions. We’re glad you stopped by!”

Dr. Kevin Smith, DVM and CEO

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